Dr.MikaoUsuiThe word Rei Ki comes from the Japanese and means universal life energy. Reiki also shows the method that allows this energy to work and to flow.

Around 1900, Japanese Mikao Usui had rediscovered the foundation of this old art of healing in Sanskrit which had originated 2500 years ago and reworked it for our times.
Everyone  can learn through ritualized initiation and practice the Reiki technique, and thereby for themselves and for other people, animals and plants, bring this energy into effect. The traditional initiation comes through a qualified and long practicing Reiki Master and Teacher.

The use of Reiki as a special form of spiritual healing is independent of a particular faith or way of life. It requires open-mindedness and a sensitivity for holistic oriented alternative healing methods.  
Reiki can support healing but is not a substitute for medical diagnostics and therapy. Reiki strengthens the self healing forces and can serve to activate and harmonise physical, spiritual and mental processes. Reiki provides relaxation through a natural method and helps to dissolve energy blockages.

The teaching of Reiki  is commonly divided into four levels or degrees. With each level you gain special initiations and abilities. Already at the first level, the effect can be showing.  
The initiations and exercises to the higher levels expand the  possibilities of Reiki.  The education and initiation takes place at our Reiki Shamballa centre for 3 to 4 participants in 2-day seminars, usually on a weekend, on Fridays from 6:00 p.m. to approximately 10:00 p.m.  and on Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to approximately 8:00 p.m. at the Haus LichtPunkt.
Please register early for the seminars as space is limited. All seminars are non-refundable. The remunerations are to be paid one week before the seminar begins.

The seminar rates are as follows:
    •    Level    1    190,-Euro
    •    Level    2    290,-Euro
    •    Level    3    390,-Euro
For  teacher training    1.450,-Euro
Remunerations include the value added tax of 19%.

Reiki - Energy.

der reiki anfangFirst Level Seminar
The participants become familiar with the basis of Reiki. They receive four initiations and comprehensive knowledge about the connections of  Reiki  uses.
Already after the first initiation the participants will experience the flowing of the Reiki - energy and have practice bringing this energy into effect for themselves and others.
The seminar provides the perceptible experience of the flowing of the gentle but powerful Reiki energy.

die grosse brueckeSecond level
Through three more initiations,  the Chakras will be set on a higher vibration frequency.  It Three powerful symbols will be given through which it will become possible to send out Reiki  energy through space and time.
The participants gain a deeper connection with Reiki which allows spiritual growth and strengthens the energy river.


das grosse lichtThird level
Master Seminar
The participants are initiated into the master symbol – The big light–. An even more powerful flowing of Reiki energy and intensive spiritual growth thereby becomes possible.
The Reiki  Master offers the opportunity to, at any time, to turn to his/her  Reiki  teacher to ask questions of  Reiki  use.


Fourth Level

Reiki - Masters are prepared if they prove longer intensive experiences with the Reiki use individually for the activity and recognition as a Reiki - teacher.
The methodology of the Reiki initiations and the management of seminars, as well as the individual mentoring for those learned in Reiki, will be taught.  The Reiki - teacher has the possibility after his recognition, to turn to his teacher with any questions. The Reiki Shamballa centre in Haus LichtPunkt offers different possibilities for the exchange of views and the discussion of new knowledge regarding Reiki use. Monthly Reiki meetings take place for all those which were initiated into 1. or 2nd Reiki degree.

Lectures for the introduction to Reiki, its foundation and effects can be carried out any time by long-standing own experiences and a thorough evaluation of appropriate publications. Equally consulting is offered for questions of  Reiki for enterprise in the health area and wellness area or for interested groups.

Conditions and prices are to be asked at Haus LichtPunkt.

Regarding Reiki  treatment, there many possibilities at the Haus LichtPunkt. Ask us.