Shamballa is a new complex system of  spiritual energy healing. This system of healing goes back to the traditional Usui-Reiki but stretches beyond the possibilities of Reiki. Through ancient symbols and mantras that were obvious on the submerged continent Atlantis, and brought to light again only at the end of the last century by Englishman Dr. John Armitage, can the effect of the universal life energy, in comparison to traditional Reiki be substantially strengthened and broadened.

Shamballa SymbolLike Reiki,  Shamballa healing is focused on the development of self healing forces. It is a healing for the soul. Many people find healing of their body, thinking and emotions. Shamballa healing leads in a natural manner to comprehensive relaxation. For the individual on a spiritual path the Shamballa system offers wonderful tools to go this way and to experience a new kind of perception.
Everyone can learn by ritual initiations well as practise the Shamballa techniques and use them for themselves and for other people, however, also with animals and plants.
 Medical and remedial-practical diagnostics and therapy can not substituted with it.
Contents and impact as well as the techniques of Shamballa healing are given in initiation seminars. Initiations occur through Urak Peter Müller, Shamballa master with teaching ability.  The control of the Shamballa system is divided into four levels. Four initiation seminars correspond to that. These are offered by the Reiki Shamballa centre in the Rostock Haus LichtPunkt. The seminars take place in groups with 3 to 4 participants. Condition for level 1 is proof of Reiki master.  
In Haus LichtPunkt a timely, obliging registration is necessary for the seminars.
The seminar costs are:
Level 1            240,- Euro
Level 2            360,- Euro
Level 3            480,- Euro
Level 4 Shamballa-Master       580,- Euro
Level 5 Shamballa-Master+     360,- Euro
Seminar Shamballa-Teacher    980,- Euro

The cost of the seminar is to be paid one week before the seminar begins. Non-refundable.
The seminars for all levels begin on a Friday from 6:00 p.m. to approximately 10:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to approximately 8:00 p.m..

Level 1 -  Seminar
The participants are made familiar with the foundation and the being of the system of  Shamballa healing. The seminar provides the connection to  Mahatma energy, to Christ's consciousness and to the energy of the assendent masters. Connected to the initiation to the 1st degree of the traditional Reiki, the initiation occurs in a new symbol which serves for the resolution of blockages. The participants feel the effect of the new symbol for the flowing of the life energy and practice to bring energy with the help of this symbol.

Level 2  -  Seminar
The participants are initiated to four other symbols. The initiation is especially powerful because each of these symbols brings life energy in its own manner, and with it a new effect. The connection is produced to the effectiveness at the 2nd degree Reiki to privy symbols.

Level 3  -  Seminar
The participants are initiated into two other symbols - linked with the master symbol from traditional Reiki. The seminar provides the complexity of  the Shamballa healing method and contains different exercises for their use. It serves to deepen the knowledge about the use of the system of the Shamballa healing in its entirety.

Level 4 -  Seminar Shamballa - Master
Initiation in three other master symbols. With these initiations the master is connected to the entire Shamballa system.

Level 5 -  Seminar Shamballa - Master +

Shamballa Teacher - Seminar  
The thus qualified master is entitled to initiate other people into all levels of the system of Shamballa healing. Participants in this initiation seminar receive the possibility to take part in other seminars of the training master. They are instructed in the methodology of the management of seminars and the initiation.

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